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Caricature Artists, Illustrators, Entertainers

Nevada Caricatures - Where Adventure Shines Bright!

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world - no need to gamble on the success of your next event.

Booking Nevada Caricatures for your 2024 event is a winning bet you can place in this vibrant location. Caricatures capture the essence of the moment, making your celebration, festival, or trade show stand out. It's a fun and interactive way to engage guests, leaving them with personalized keepsakes and a positive impression of your event.

We draw live caricatures at events, festivals, conferences and meetings throughout Las Vegas and Nevada. Traditional paper based caricatures have been a popular form of entertainment for over a century. Tradition mixed with technology has brought live event caricatures to this century. Hand drawn on a tablet or computer and displayed for your guests to enjoy.

Serving Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Sparks, Reno, Spring Valley and all point in between.

Studio illustrations from photo make great gifts, employee appreciation acknowledgements, wedding proposals - our caricatures are a great offering for every and any occasion. Simply send through a description of the art piece you are thinking of along with high resolution photos and we will get drawing.


We offer traditional caricatures, digital caricatures and virtual caricatures for events, meetings, festivals conferences and gatherings of all sizes in LNevadaas Vegas and surrounding area.

Traditional caricatures are just as you would imagine. Traditionally drawn caricatures using marker on 11 x 17 heavy weight paper. Your guests will love a take away memento from your event.

Digital caricatures have been gaining popularity in recent years. Still hand drawn caricatures - but drawn on a tablet or specialized computer. We display the caricatures by monitor or projector. Your guests will enjoy the technology and seeing their caricatures take shape. Onsite printing is an optional digital caricature service.

For smaller events, classrooms, boardrooms and for remote locations, virtual caricatures have been a hit. Similar to digital caricatures, we share our screen so guests are able to see their drawings come to life, real time. We send out the drawings to guests individually as part of our digital service to you.

We look forward to being part of your next event or celebration.



Studio caricature illustrations make great gifts, awards and can be used for many different purposes from printed frames art to fabric to social media avatars. The only limit is your imagination.

Our prices are based on both the number of people and additional design elements to be incorporated. A black and white head and shoulder caricature illustration starts at $50 per person while a color head and shoulder caricature illustration starts at $100 per person. Additional and backgrounds are priced based on the level of detail required. We will ask you what you want to see in the drawing other than the people when you contact us.

Upon receiving your photos and ideas, we will quote you on your drawing based on the information you have provided us with.

The first sketch we send will be confirm the likeness of the people. We continue to finesse and add more details as the drawing progresses.

We will provide you with a high resolution digital file is supplied in your preferred format (excluding vectorization) and color scheme. Vectorization can be completed at an additional cost



Anyone who has a pet knows the value they add to our lives. Many people consider their pets to be part of the family and their best friends. Do you know someone who is a pet lover in your life? We know they will be thrilled to receive their pet drawn as caricature. A thoughtful and touching gift. Simply send us a photo of the pet with a description of what you want to have drawn. Ordering one couldn't be easier.

Pet related events have become popular through the years from fundraisers, walk-a-thons and employee appreciation bring your pet to work events. We love drawing your pets at live events. We can draw pets live or by photo in just a few minutes.


We produce quality caricature and illustration work in various forms and media: Custom Studio Caricatures From Photos or Live Subject, Live Digital/Virtual Caricatures at Parties, Trade Shows, Weddings and Corporate Functions, Drawing live caricatures at your events, functions, picnics, trade shows, corporate or private parties, Illustration work for publications or advertising, Digital and Vector Comical Imagery, Animated caricatures for presentations, web sites, ecards or desktop

Custom Studio Caricatures From Photos or Live Subject

We start from your photos and theme. A pencil draft is produced which you critique and comment on. Upon receiving your changes we redraw the image according to your feedback. You critique the new draft and approve or request new changes. We repeat these steps in two rounds of changes. Additional changes after the two rounds are billed on an hourly basis.

Once you are happy with the rough draft we produce the complete artwork in ink and paint using quality paints and permanent inks. The artwork is produced on acid free cotton base museum quality art boards. Voila. Your first experience as an art director was a success!

Live Digital/Virtual Caricatures at Parties, Trade Shows, Weddings and Corporate Functions in Nevada

Digital caricature artists are great for trade show, conventions & corporate events and product promotions. We also draw live digital caricatures at weddings, birthday parties, reunions and many more kinds of personal or corporate gatherings. Everyone in all age groups enjoy digital caricatures. We draw them on the sport and send them to the guests electronically. We can also print the digital caricatures on the spot and give them to the clients in plastic sleeves. These make great avatars and social media posts.

Nevada Event Caricature Art/Virtual Caricature Events

Other than being a solid form of entertainment for all age groups, the attendees take an original piece of art with them. Our live party caricatures are often framed and remain in offices and homes for years. Impress your guests by hiring us to draw them at your function, event or party.

We draw live caricatures in all major cities and smaller towns across Nevada. Hundreds of companies and organizations have hired us to draw live caricature sketches at their corporate functions, picnics or galas. Our traditional caricature clients have been using our services since 1991.

Custom Caricature Illustration, Cartooning

Caricatures are great to be used as gifts, avatars, mascots, or as logos for a businesses or as imagery for websites and apps. They make great corporate gifts or employee awards that impresses them in a personal way. Caricatures are attention grabbers and a unique and memorable style of gift-giving.

We create the initial artwork for you and will customize it to be used for any medium and any environment. They can be used for murals, embroidered, ironed on, silk screened, carved or printed in many different ways. We come up with innovative ways to make it work for you. You can have the same image used on clothing, mouse pads, coffee cups, online and printed publications, bumper stickers etc.

Digital and Vector Imagery

We create digital vector caricature illustrations. These can be resized to any extend without getting jagged or pixelated. From business cards to hot air balloons, one file fits all!

Animated Caricature Art

Adding motion to a caricatures literally brings it to life. Full color digital caricatures can be used on your web site, desktop or for social media. They can be created in GIF or SWF formats. SWF files can have sound as well. We have created animated education tools using caricatures.

Electronic greeting tools can also be created this way. We match the electronic files with the printed and hand drawn art. Having the same fun-filled style of cartoon imagery on your company web site, Christmas cards, party collateral corporate gifts, signage and t-shirts shows you are aware of the value of brand. We can do it all for you.

How much is a caricature artist?

The price of a caricature artist can vary greatly across The USA. For an experienced caricature artist you can expect to spend between $100 and $160 per hour per artist for traditional paper based caricatures and between $150 and $250 per hour per artist for digital caricatures.

What is the meaning of caricature?

The Meridian-Webster Dictionary defines "caricature as exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics" We strive to draw slightly distorted but pleasing - appreciated caricatures of everyone we draw.

How long does a caricature take?

The artists in our collective each average 15 years experience in event caricature drawing. We draw 10 to 12 people per hour live - black and white, head and shoulders. This means it takes us between 4 and 5 minutes per person to draw a caricature.

What is a digital caricature?

We have been drawing digital caricatures across Southern US for the past 20 years. Digital caricatures are hand drawn caricatures, similar to traditional paper based caricatures. Digital caricatures are drawn on a laptop or tablet with the drawings being displayed on monitor or projected for all the guests to see the caricatures take shape.

Digital caricatures are a versatile and can be used as custom framed art, t-shirts, coffee cups, social media avatars and marketing.


Contact us for more information look@nevadacaricatures.com


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